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-Here at build it with clem we aim to teach beginning users of both Microsoft Excel and Microsoft access the tools they will need to be able to successfully use these applications. We understand that no one can start out as an expert with using these tools and our goal is to help you improve your skills with these programs.

-Having an increased skill with both of these applications will help you further both your career and personal life with how you are able to process and display information. It will put you at a major advantage being able process small or large amounts of information with much more efficiency and accuracy.

-This website offers topics for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access from a beginner level up to an advanced level. The topics you'll see listed below are some of the more important topics, concepts and functions used every day when working with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

Important Excel Functions

  • SUM - Add a column or row of numbers.
  • COUNT - Count non-empty cells in a row or column.
  • AVERAGE - Find the average in a column or row of data.
  • vLOOKUP - Use data in a column to find corresonding data in another table.
  • CONCAT - Combine two cells together into one cell.

Important Excel Concepts

  • Pivot Table - Transform a table of data into desired aggregated totals.
  • Filtering - Apply necessary filters to columns for desired output.
  • Data Selection - Selecting the data you need.
  • Formatting - Converting data to the correct format for your needs.
  • Conditional Formatting - Applying formatting to cells based on conditions.

Important Access Items

  • Forms - Creating a functinal form for a user.
  • Reports - Converting your data into a report.
  • Data Imports - Importing data from an external source.
  • Data Exports - Exporting data from MS Access to an external source.
  • Macros - Building a program within MS Access to perform an operation.

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